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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Meanwhile, back in the present

Fall comes slowly to the Alabama woods.  Up north, the leaves seemed to change overnight, then fall off a week later.  Around here, autumn meanders in while Jasper watches down the driveway.

Our forest is only just now beginning to show color.  My brave little hydrangea is testing her fall blooms.  There are still two small tomatoes and one green pepper hanging on the vine; I'm hoping they'll ripen before the frost gets them.

Tyne and I play outside every day. He collects sticks and acorns and hickory nuts like he's on a mission. He loves the outdoors and makes detailed investigations of all he finds.  His is very busy, and his work is very serious.

  Some days he demands a ride in the wagon.  Other days he fills the bottom with collected treasures and stumbles through the leaves, straining to pull it behind him.

When I moved up here nearly a decade ago, I never dreamed my life would turn into this.  Hoped and prayed that I might have a family some day, but it seemed impossible that it could come to me here, on this hill, in the woods that I love.

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